Lettering | Numbers

Lettering | Numbers

Lettering | Numbers

lettering tattoo focus on the beauty of the letter, number and words phrases. With a lettering tattoo, the focus of the art comes down to the particular script or font used, as well as the meaning of the words.

Lettering script tattoo is a type of tattoo design that features words, phrases, or quotes written in a specific style of script or calligraphy. It typically involves using various fonts, sizes, and spacing to create an aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing design. The script can be customized to reflect the individual’s personality, beliefs, or interests and can be placed on different parts of thebody. Lettering script tattoos are popular for their ability to convey a meaningful message or serve as a constant reminder of something important to the wearer.

How to choose font for my tattoo? Choosing the Right Font for Script Tattoos: Tips from Noèmi Kovàcs Tattoo Artist

The most popular fonts look personal and unique, the best fonts for tattoo design are the script, calligraphy and handwritten fonts…

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