Noémi Kovács: A Bikini Fitness Journey from Malta to Bern, Unveiling the Fusion of Strength and Tattoos

In the picturesque city of Bern, resides Noémi Kovács, a dedicated bikini fitness and body fitness athlete hailing originally from Hungary. Her journey in the fitness world is a tale of passion, dedication, and a unique blend of athleticism and artistry.

From Malta to Bern: A Fitness Odyssey

Noémi’s fitness odyssey began in Malta, where she spent 12 years immersing herself in the vibrant bodybuilding culture. It was in a small gym in Malta that she discovered her love for sculpting her physique and embracing the challenges of the fitness lifestyle. Her journey started modestly but swiftly gained momentum, propelling her onto the stage as an IFBB bikini fitness athlete.

2018 – IFBB Malta – bikini fitness 162cm

Early Success and Ongoing Training

Noémi’s initial foray into competitive bodybuilding proved to be exceptionally successful. The taste of victory fueled her dedication, and she embarked on a rigorous training regimen that defined her as a formidable athlete. Her commitment to pushing boundaries and surpassing her own limits set the stage for a promising athletic career.

2019 – IFBB Hungary – bikini fitness 162cm

Tattoos as Body Art: An Asymmetrical Dilemma

As Noémi delved into the competitive world of bikini fitness, she also began adorning her body with tattoos, turning it into a canvas for artistic expression. However, the asymmetrical shading caused by the ink presented a unique challenge on stage. Despite the striking visual appeal of her tattoos, the competitive environment demanded a symmetrical aesthetic, prompting Noémi to take a break from her athletic pursuits.

Bodybuilding - Noémi Kovács
2020 – IFBB Hungary – body fitness under 165cm

The Tattoo Pause: A Canvas in Progress

Noémi Kovács’s current break from her sport career serves a dual purpose. While her body takes a hiatus from the competitive stage, it becomes a canvas in progress. Noémi is on a mission to fill her body with more ink, transforming it into a living masterpiece that seamlessly integrates with her athletic identity. This pause reflects not a cessation but a strategic interlude, promising a return that is not just about physical prowess but also about visual storytelling.

Bikini Fitness or Body Fitness? The Unanswered Question

Noémi’s journey introduces a captivating question: bikini fitness or body fitness category? As she navigates this crossroads, her audience becomes integral to the decision-making process. By following her journey, enthusiasts and fans become part of the narrative, contributing to the unfolding story of Noémi’s evolution in the world of competitive fitness.

Follow Noémi’s Journey: A Visual and Athletic Odyssey

Noémi Kovács invites you to be a part of her journey—a journey that transcends physical boundaries and explores the intersection of strength, aesthetics, and personal expression. Witness the fusion of fitness and tattoos as she shapes her body into a work of art. Join her on this visual and athletic odyssey, and together, we may uncover the answer to the intriguing question: bikini fitness or body fitness? Noémi’s story is not just about competition; it’s about the dynamic interplay of strength and creativity, and you’re invited to be a part of it.



3rd – Just Clear Beach Body Fitness Kupa – Bodyfitness – 2020 Siófok Hungary


Gold quality– IFBB Hungary Nationals – Bikini Fitness – 2019
3rd – IFBB Hungary Nationals Masters Bikini Fitness -166cm – 2019
3rd – Hungary Body and Fitness Universe – Bikini Fitness – 2019


1st – IFBB Malta Nationals New comer – Bikini Fitness  2018 Malta
2nd – IFBB Malta Nationals – Bikini Fitness – 164cm – 2018 Malta

5th – IFBB Malta International Diamond Cup – Bikini Fitness – 2018 Malta

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