Finger Tattoo

Finger Tattoo

Finger Tattoo

I strongly advise against getting finger tattoos for several reasons. While tattoos can be a form of self-expression and personal art, finger tattoos come with unique challenges and risks that make them a less desirable option.

First and foremost, finger tattoos tend to have a shorter lifespan compared to tattoos on other parts of the body. Due to the constant use and frequent washing of our hands, the skin on our fingers goes through a lot of wear and tear. This makes it difficult for the ink to stay intact over time, resulting in fading, blurring, and a loss of detail. As a result, finger tattoos often require touch-ups more frequently than tattoos on other areas, which can be both time-consuming and costly.

Moreover, the skin on our fingers is thinner and more sensitive than on other parts of the body. This means that the tattooing process itself can be more painful, especially since fingers lack the cushioning of muscle and fat found elsewhere. Tattooing on such a delicate area can lead to a higher risk of bleeding, swelling, and infection, making the healing process more challenging and potentially prolonging the time it takes for the tattoo to fully settle.

Another significant factor to consider is the impact finger tattoos may have on your professional and personal life. While society has become more accepting of tattoos in recent years, there are still certain settings where visible tattoos might not be well-received, such as formal workplaces or conservative social environments. Finger tattoos are particularly difficult to hide or cover up, as they are constantly on display. This can limit job opportunities, create challenges in professional settings, and even affect personal relationships. It is essential to think about the potential consequences and limitations that finger tattoos may impose on your future choices.

Additionally, finger tattoos require extra care and attention during the healing process. Our hands are constantly exposed to various elements, such as water, dirt, and friction, which can hinder the healing of a tattoo. Following proper aftercare instructions becomes even more crucial when dealing with finger tattoos to prevent infection and ensure optimal healing. This means being diligent about avoiding excessive hand washing, wearing gloves when necessary, and keeping the tattoo moisturized and protected.

In conclusion, while finger tattoos may seem visually appealing and trendy, the potential drawbacks and challenges they present make them a choice I do not recommend. From their limited longevity and increased pain during the tattooing process to the potential impact on your professional and personal life, finger tattoos come with significant risks that outweigh their aesthetic appeal. It is crucial to carefully consider the long-term implications and potential difficulties before deciding to get a tattoo on such a prominent and delicate area of the body.

I do not tattoo fingers anymore! I can, I could, I am qualified to tattoo face & body BUT in my experience – fingertattoo do not heal well and do not heal nice. By time finger tattoo will be blurry and fade by aging. The client will be not happy and than it can be a very bad advertising for me!

“In overall – for the same money I can do soo much better tattoo for you that will heal and age much better!”

I hope you understand!

If I can design you something else, you are more than welcome to visit me for a personal meeting!

Best wishes Noemi

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